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The company KOLTEK was established in 1982 and is today one of Europe’s leading suppliers of access systems. Koltek activities include development, design, production and marketing of access system for inspection and maintenance of buildings, bridges, ships, offshore installations, hangars and more.

The Koltek System could be adapted to almost any kind of project. All you need is places to fix brackets. In high buildings the system is used for access to vertically facades, corners and to get below the ridge of a roof. It could, as well, be used to move maintenance staff an inspectors below an offshore platform or inside an oil tank.

It is recommended to make plans for the access system at an early stage of a project. This will save the builders for a lot of trouble later and save cost. The strong point of their adaption of a well proven access system, the skills of our technical staff and the well proven capacity of our production units at Koltek, Rakkestad, Norway.

Koltek has developed a cost-effective access system and main elements are patented. Prefabricated parts are transported directly to the construction site to save cost. Work safety, speed of installation and productivity are the three main concern our skilled staff considers when designing each system. Koltek main products are aluminum tracks, manual and electrical trolleys, suspended platforms, roof machines, ladders, and gantries. The products are east to install and adjust, they are flexible and “made to measure: as well as standard components.

Strategy for fall protection, maintenance and cleaning is something that all buildings need a greater or lesser degree off. In Koltek experience, they see that underestimation of these needs in the planning-phase happens often. And when this is the case it will be harder to find solutions so that cost-efficiency and visual acceptance is sufficient when the need reveals itself in the process.

Together we can find solutions and systems in the pre-project phase, so that owners and users achieve an optimal result. Contact our Sales engineers and they will assist you to achieve the best possible result.

When working at height the worker should be secured at all times. There is always a risk of falling and it is the building’s owner that is responsible for ensuring that security is adequate and accessible at all times when working at height. Therefore, all buildings have a separate fall arrest system in accordance with a fall arrest strategy.

In receipt times, it has become stricter regulations and KOLTEK has acquired more knowledge in this subject. And with the extensive experience and new knowledge we can tailor solutions for your demand. We have long been affiliated with one of the leading European manufacturers of all arrest systems; Fallprotec SA.

After many years of partnership, we have good experience with the products ease of use and the quality of the products.

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